Age: 30

City/Country of origin: Aleppo, Syria

Marital Status: Single

Children: 0

Profession: Fashion designer of copy- jeans 

Hobbies: Classical music

Reason for staying on Lesvos: Transit to Denmark

My mood today (1-10): 10

Why? This is my first day in Europe and I already have met lots of Europeans. It's my first steps into a new dream.

My advice for the world:  After my residence visa in Denmark I hope to go to the Blegium village Sint Niklaas and marry  the woman I love. She is Syrian and she lives there.



Age: 22

City/Country of origin: Aurich, Germany

Marital Status: Relationship

Children: 0

Profession: Student psychology

Hobbies: Art

Reason for staying on Lesvos: Holiday 

My mood today (1-10): 10

Why? Because I'm so happy that I took part of this awesome project.

My advice for the world: Follow your dreams until you are happy.



Safi and Kea were the first who participated in our project. We stood somewhat uneasily behind our cameras. Checking cables, headphones on. After months of preparations this was the moment.

'Uh, where do you come from?' The German Kea asked Safi. 'Aleppo, Syria,' Safi said. He explained that he had fled his city two months ago after the war had left a huge hole in their apartment building. 'Happily no one was home,' he said while he showed a picture of the heavily-damaged flat on his cell phone.

Via via he bought a ticket from human traffickers to make the crossing to Europe. They were taken to the Turkish coast but when they arrived there were suddenly 50 people going with the boat instead of the promised 30 people. Although they were frightened, they did not have any choice; when dealing with human traffickers you shouldn't pick a fight.

'Wow, 'Kea said. 'How do you feel now?' 'This morning I had little hope that I would survive this; when we reached Lesbos safely I was so relieved,' he said, 'but at this moment the trip feels like a dream; I have already met many nice Europeans. Where are you come from?'

'Germany,' Kea said, 'but I live in the Dutch city of Groningen where I am studying psychology.' Safi took a question card:  'What would you do with a million?' After a deep thought Kea said: 'I don't know, I wouldn't like to change so much in my life right now. I am happy as I am living now.'

'And you?' Kea asked. 'With a million I would go to Belgium to get married there.' It was quiet for a moment. 'I have known her for a long time since the time we were children,' he then added, 'but 10 years ago she moved from Syria to Belgium. We have always stayed in contact via internet.' 'That's great,' Kea said, 'you should be really proud that you are still in contact, because long-distance love affairs are not easy.  Are you on the way to Belgium now?' 'No,' Safi said, 'I am going to Denmark first to try and get my residency permit because I have heard that it goes quicker there. When I have that I will go to Belgium.'

Three weeks later we receive a message from Kea. She is still in contact with Safi and tells us that he is in Frankfurt and has decided to stay in Germany. When we email Safi, he writes back: 'Yes, that's right; the Germans were so nice to me that I decided to stay.'