Age: 24

City/Country of origin: Hannover, Germany

Marital status: Single

Children: 0

Profession: Medical student.

Hobbies: Sports like jogging.

Reason for staying on Lesvos: Holiday.

My mood today (1-10): 10

Why? Because I'm on holiday with my mum and sister, it couldn't feel better!

My advice for the world: Be kind. Trust people. No one is illegal!




Age: 26

City/ country of origin: Damascus, Syria

Marital status: Single

Children: 0

Profession: Lawyer

Hobbies: Car driving

Reason for staying on Lesvos: Transit, on my way to Germany

My mood today(1-10): 8

Why? This is a new start, a change in my life.

My advice for the world: ...




The German Selma and the Syrian Husam had an immediate click by their first meeting on Lesbos.  They were evenly matched and had many questions.

‘Why are you on Lesbos?’ Husam asked.  The heat of the day was slowly making way for some cooler air.  ‘I am here on vacation with my mother and my sister,’ Selma explained, ‘and you?’

‘I am travelling to Germany,’ Husam said.  He told everything about the dangerous boat trip from that afternoon; about how there were 50 people propped on a boat meant for 30.  The black rubber boat was dangerously low in the water.  Luckily the sea was as smooth as a mirror.

It was never the intention, but because of the war Husam’s family now all lived in different countries.  While his brother remained in Syria, another part of the family was already in Germany.

‘If I had remained in Syria I would have had to become part of a group,’ Husam said.  ‘Because I did not want to do this there was no other option except to leave.’ He thought for a moment.  ‘And I want to continue on with my life and my work.’ 

Five years ago he completed law school at the university in Damascus.  He wanted to go to work but because of the war everything stopped.

I hope that the journey to Germany goes well and you can still become a lawyer in the future,’ Selma said.  ‘Thank you very much,’ Husam replied, ‘and I would like to wish you much happiness and that all of your dreams will come true.’

Once back home two weeks later we see on Facebook that Husam had arrived safely in Berlin.  He had made the journey quickly.  When we congratulated him on this fact, he came with a nice message which said he and Selma had become good friends.  Selma added to this in an email.  ‘Yes, that’s right! We have a great deal of contact and I sometimes help him with the translation of the documents and with learning the German language.  He is also coming soon to visit me in Hannover.  I can say that I have a good friend in him.’

Dear Selma and Husam, early next year we would love to come to Germany to have dinner with the four of us.  We think it would be great to see you together again.  We will hear in which city that will be. :)